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Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation

I’m embarrassed that is has taken me so long to post this. January got away from me and to be honest, I feel like I dropped the ball (not the ball that was dropped in my last blog post).

You see, one thing I think is vitally important in business is employee appreciation. I know that I personally never want someone to work for me without knowing what an important part of the team they are. I’ve decided to start a monthly employee appreciation post and will be doing two this month to make up for January!

Today I would like to highlight T-Squizzle the T-Square. T-Squizzle was an easy first choice. He is part of the team for many projects and that’s due to his reliability and consistency. He has never led me astray but instead keeps me on the straight and narrow. T isn’t like that slacker in the college group project. No — he shows up and does his job; and does it well.

T-Squiz and I did a little Q&A because I wanted to give him a chance to speak as well. Hopefully this give you an inside look at one of my most valuable team members!

Without further ado, let’s welcome T-Squizzle!

Natalie: How did you learn about Do Write By Me and how long have you worked here?

T-Squizzle: I started working here in the summer of 2018. I first saw you in Hobby Lobby and wanted to approach you but I was frozen in fear so I didn’t. After seeing you several times, you finally noticed me and the rest is history.

N: What’s your favorite part of working here?

T: I like that everyone I work with is nice and does their job good. Me and Chalky P work really good together and it’s just a fun place. I’m also glad I work at a place where I really get to use my talents.

N: What have been some of your most exciting projects to work on?

T: I really liked working on the Gibbs/Ball wedding. I got to work a lot on both of the chalkboards and even though there were some difficult parts, I learned some good lessons. A couple other favorites were the college football schedule and Russell’s First Down birthday board or whatever it’s called. Yah, I liked all those a lot.

N: What are some challenges you face in the workplace?

T: Sometimes Rue the Ruler and I clash because we have similar skills. So we go back and forth on who gets to work on a project. That can be challenging sometimes but in the end we all work it out. I also get bored sometimes. I have such a specialized skill that I don’t get to work on each project. But I like to watch and learn from others too so it’s all good.

N: What encouragement would you like to give other T-Squares out there?

T: I want to tell other T-Squares to not give up in life. Like. I know what I’m here for but for a long time it felt like I was just sitting on a shelf you know. Like not living what I was made to do. But it’s possible you know just like hang in there and don’t give up and you will find your way and your place in the world.

And there ya have it folks, straight from the mouth of T-Squizzle. I hope this has been an insightful post and has let you see a little into what goes on behind the scenes at Do Write By Me.

Catch you on the flippity flip!