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Employee Appreciation Feb 06, 2020 »

I’m embarrassed that is has taken me so long to post this. January got away from me and to be honest, I feel like I dropped the ball (not the ball that was dropped in my last blog post).

You see, one thing I think is vitally important in business is employee appreciation. I know that I personally never want someone to work for me without knowing what an important part of the team they are. I’ve decided to start a monthly employee appreciation post and will be doing two this month to…

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2020 Dreaming Jan 21, 2020 »

First things first. I SPENT NEW YEAR’S EVE IN TIMES SQUARE! My best friend and I drove (yes, drove) to New York City for a little vacay and to bring in the new year (and her birthday, woot woot!) with a LOT of other people. It was like you might imagine: people, music, people, people, music, people, people, people, people. Oh, and a big shiny ball. We found our spot at 11 that morning and somehow managed to get in the section closest to the stage and ball (thank you NYPD for your…

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